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Our Leaders – Mr. D.S. Senanayake

The United National Party is the party that rendered the most service to this country. The following is the enormous service rendered to this country by the people friendly leaders who were committed to such tasks.


dsMr. D.S. Senanayake

Prime Minister –  1947 to 1952
Party Leader – 1946 to 1952

The tenure of Late D.S. Senanayake who was the inaugural leader of the UNP and also the first Prime Minister of an Independent Sri Lanka can be considered as the time period in which several development programs were initiated to build a proud nation. It can be said that a decisive juncture in Agriculture took place during his tenure as people from the south were resettled in the North Central province where several new villages were created centering the tanks that were renovated. In addition to this through the Gal-oya project the Udawalawa tank, Senanayaka tank and several other multipurpose projects were launched during this period.
The commencement of free education and the launch of the Peradeniya university were notable milestones in the education sector during the tenure of Late D S Senanayake.
The obtaining of the Commonwealth membership, launch of the Colombo plan and the commencement of diplomatic relations with several other countries took place during the tenure of Late Prime Minister D S Senanayake. The renovation of sites with historical importance in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa also took place during this time period.